Friday, January 8, 2016

Aloha Friday!

Hello, loves!

I wanted to share these photos because it made me miss being at the beach back home in Hawaii on a Friday! sigh, if only I could be there instead of here in this 20 something degrees weather! haha. Is anyone in a sunny or warm place now? I would love to know where you are at or from? I hope everyones having an amazing Friday! These pictures was taken this past November when I went back home for a family emergency. I went to the beach this day to relax and clear my mind. Totally off subject...It just made me realize as I just glanced up at the date and today is my great papa's birthday. I sure miss him so much! I love sharing stories to my husband and daughter of the rock walls my grandpa built in Hawaii. He built the Ala Moana beach, Sand island, Haleiwa beach rock wall to say the least. Anyways hope you all have a blessed weekend and be safe! Thank you for stopping by!


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