Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I got a new camera for christmas from my hubs, a Canon Rebel T3i So I can get better pictures for my blog instead using this Canon power shot SD1100 IS :) My 10yr old daughter is also excited, who will be my photographer for now till my hubs gets back!

Today we went shopping and got some good deals on 50% clearance items for christmas decorations. Next year We are gonna do a different theme for our christmas tree decoration! Our family tradition we had always had a kids theme going like all the disney princess, hello kitty, scooby doo, hannah montana, lilo & stitch, baby's 1st christmas, 2nd christmas and on, every year we added on to what she was into. Anyways, i'm so excited to see how our tree will be next year! I showed my hubs all the decorations & ornaments I got and he was laughing! I'm still thinkin if I should do a 2nd tree and still put up her ornaments for her??? hmmmmmmm

Before I keep going on and on like how I always do and go off subject, let me know if anyone got a Canon rebel T3i. I am totally clueless about cameras. I got the 18-135mm lens, which the lady at the counter helping me said it would be better than the stock lens that comes with it which I believe is the 18-55mm? if im even typing this right! lol

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