Thursday, September 3, 2015


Hello beautiful loves!

I know i've been MIA for more than over a year :( i've missed blogging and posting OOTD, Hauls, and just my random rambling! So much has changed since my last post update that I don't know where to begin. First of all my family and I had moved again but this time farther from home(hawaii) to DC to be exact! For me it's a shocker because I always told myself I would never move to the east coast because it's too far of a plane ride for fly to get back to home Hawaii and the plane ticket is too darn expensive! I know in my last post I wrote a little about my move to Washington.

So let me back it up to 2013 when I first moved from home to rainy Seattle Washington! lol just kidding it wasn't so bad. At first I was so homesick because I missed my family, the beach...It was my happy place. It took me awhile to finally get the hang of the new chapter in my life and change. I've tried writing a post many times but couldn't seem to press that publish button. I had so much on my mind, so much to say with everything I was going through that time in my life. I felt I had no one to talk to except my husband which he is always there and supportive to me. Although I talked to my mom everyday on the phone, I couldn't really open up to her because I didn't want her to worry about me or anything. It wasn't till months later I started to enjoy my life again. It made it a little better knowing I had family there living close to us and I'm so grateful for them and blessed to have spent time with them. My family and I got invited to church at Champion Centre by my cousin who attends there. We started attending there one month after we got there in Washington. As we started attending every Sundays, hearing pastor Gerald speak at service helped me a lot with what I was going through, It was God speaking through him to me! Then the next year 2014 We was blessed to be able to fly home and see the family and surprise my mom for her birthday although we was a week late! When we got back to Washington we found a training gym at Victory Athletics where my family and I trained BJJ, Kickboxing and did their bootcamp cardio classes. We enjoyed it so much and grew so close that they became family to us. So If you guys are ever in the Lakewood area in Tacoma Washington go and check them out at the gym! Sorry if i'm rambling on and on again! It was early here when I started this post and I really had all this on my mind that I wanted to share.

This is now the new chapter in my new life in DC! We moved here the ending of 2014 because hubby was blessed with a job opportunity that was offered to him. So back to square one of living in a new area and new place. It was like a crazy move with only two weeks to pack up my family from Washington to come here to DC! did I mention in the cold and in the snow? yes, snow! It wasn't fun moving in the winter and a week to finding a home. But being positive through it all and trusting God We found a home! Now fast forwarding it to now, September...I've been back for 2 weeks from our long summer vacation in hawaii! yes, i'm blessed to have been able to go back home for the whole summer to spend time with my family back home. In my next post I will share my Vacation..........till then I think I rambled enough for today! sorry, I know I think I shared way to much on here. I hope you enjoy your day and stay blessed and let me know how you guys are doing! leave me a comment

Tasha Noehea

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